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About The Show:

It's a really funny show where comedians (and some of you!) battle on classic video games for Team McNeil (the best team) and Team Pamphilon (the sexiest team). If they lose, McNeil or Pamphilon have to do stupid forfeits. Previous guests have included Tim Vine, Josh Widdicombe, Tony Law, Sara Pascoe, Nick Helm, Marcus Brigstocke, James Acaster and many more...

We think you will! We've worked hard to make a show that, first and foremost, is a comedy show with loads of great guests. As Time Out said, it's "Ridiculously fun, whether you're a gaming nerd or not". Crowbarred that in, didn't we?

You can try but, at the time of writing, the last fifteen shows have all sold out - That's all 5 shows in Edinburgh last year (one of which was an extra show added due to demand) and all 10 shows in London since, so we'd advise you to BOOK NOW!

Yep! If you do come, make sure you CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONE before coming - there's often loads of extra stuff in the show if you do. Ooh, mysterious...


TIME OUT Critic's Choice EVERY MONTH since September 2013!
Also Time Out Pick of the Week, Pick of the Month, & Top 10 Hottest Things to Do in London!
"Ridiculously fun, whether you're a gaming nerd or not"

THE OBSERVER "Not To Be Missed" (link)

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COMEDY CENTRAL 2013 EdFringe 'Ones To Watch'

FRINGE REVIEW 2014 Top 10 Pleasance Comedy Shows

EDINBURGH REVIEWS - 4.5 Stars (click here)
"This might be a Fringe show but it's easy to imagine McNeil and Pamphilon breaking into TV. It's simple - if you've any geek in your DNA then go see this show."

BROADWAY BABY 2014 - 4 Stars (click here)
"One of the most entertaining and exciting lineup events Pleasance has to offer...It's like a night round your mate's house if Tim Vine happened to pop by."

GIGGLEBEATS - 4 Stars (click here)
"A Go 8-Bit show is unlike any live event you've ever been to...an absolute comedy marvel...Thank God for McNeil and Pamphilon...Their ability as a double-act is immense...
If you are reading this you are almost certainly a live comedy fan, in which case this is a must see event. If you are also a gaming fan, then this is the show you have been waiting for your entire life. Book tickets now."

BROADWAY BABY 2013 - 4 Stars (click here)
"A treat for gamers and non-gamers alike...pure comedy gold"

EDINBURGH SPOTLIGHT - 4 Stars (click here)
"Anyone who was a kid in the late 80s, early 90s will love this nostalgic (slightly drunken) trip back to the world of 2-D computer games and silliness. Armed with cans of a well-known Scottish lager this comedy duo invite many, many comedians to join them in late night computer playing shenanigans.

Splitting the audience down the middle into two teams of supporters paves the way for raucous camaraderie as the evening progresses. Taking sides the crowd gets rowdier and rowdier as they cheer on a seemingly never ending procession of guest comics playing classic games like Bomberman and Mario Kart, which are projected onto a screen at the back of the stage. Well, there's a lot a stake. The winning side gets chocolates thrown at them, and the losing team captain faces some heinous forfeits, which Pamphilon seems not to have the stomach for. There is some hysterical live commentary provided by Paul Foxcroft and Richard Soames and yet more comedians pop up from time to time with specially written sketches for the evening.

As increasing amounts of beer (and Tesco Everyday Value Vodka) is consumed the night descends into a debauched farce reminiscent of nights many will have spent in student flats. The same teasing, goading and energy pervades every corner of the auditorium and the atmosphere is infectioius. This show is unabashed good fun. They're only running four shows this year so get your tickets while you can."


Click HERE to see pictures from the October 2013 show! (Thanks to Karla Gowlett Photography)

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Click HERE to see pictures from the 2014 EdFringe show! (Thanks to David Monteith Hodge)

Click HERE to see pictures from the 2014 TV recording! (Thanks to Ed Moore)


More Stuff:

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Steve, Will, Rich and Paul's long-play Mario Kart 64 Twitch.tv show
(in collaboration with Ginx TV), featuring 20 other wonderful comedians!
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Radius Festival @ Loading Bar
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Click HERE for Steve McNeil's Youtube Channel, with footage of his appearances on Videogame Nation (Challenge TV), Console Yourself (Ginx TV) and loads of other gaming thingies!

Praise for award-winners McNeil and Pamphilon:

"Hilarious" (The Guardian)
"An unusually high standard of innovation" (The List)
"Wonderfully funny" (Time Out)
"Lively and ambitious" (The Times)
"Destined for great things" (Fest)

Seen on BBC1, BBC3, MTV, Challenge TV and heard on BBC Radio 4 and E4's Podcalf.

What the audiences said on twitter:

"Best show of the fringe so far last nights @mcneilpamphilon was awesome! My team won..yaay..."
"Potentially the most fun I've ever had at a live comedy show, @mcneilpamphilon put on an absolutely amazing show. #LetsDoAGaming"
"Yeah, @mcneilpamphilon better be winning SOMETHING at the end of the month. An amazing feat of a show! Truly miraculous!"
"Awesome time at #go8bit a must see show! Had a fantastic time"
"#Go8bit was awesome #letsdoagaming #edfringe go see it if you can still get a ticket"
"Holy technology batman, @mcneilpamphilon #go8bit was amazing! Simultaneous audience phone pong! Much wow and lmao. Nice one guys!"
"Absolutely hilarious show tonight, looking forward to seeing you in EGX London"
"Ahhh #go8bit was SO good - you have to go and see it!"
"#go8bit was hilarious! Such a cool experience, and the guests were actually famous. Like legit 'on the telly' people."
"#go8bit Just epic, best show of the week!"
"Had a great time at @mcneilpamphilon Go 8 Bit last night. So much fun #edfringe"
"@mcneilpamphilon's gaming fun is always a riot!"
"Well, @mcneilpamphilon #go8bit is amazing. A public gaming party that reminds me of Uni days except replace sad and lonely with fun and camaraderie. Interactive, competitive, hilarious, slapstick joyous. Bravo @mcneilpamphilon #go8bit and I'm not just saying that because @mcneilpamphilon have taken over my phone"