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Tuesday 3rd September 2017



Our show, Go 8 Bit, got re-commissioned by the channel "Dave" for TWO MORE SERIES! ANOTHER 20 EPISODES!!!. More info here and, if you want to come to the filming, go here. If you want to watch series 1, click here.

Also, Steve's other gaming show, WiFi Wars, was on BBC Click's special Live show, filmed at Broadcasting House, on New Year's Eve! (You can watch it, and their other TV appearances, by clicking here!

Tuesday 23rd August 2016



Monday 21st March 2016



Hi guys!

We're delighted to finally be able to reveal that we'll be filming our TV series of Go 8-Bit for the channel Dave in April!!! If you'd like to come along, ticket booking will be live at http://www.sroaudiences.com from 10am today! Dara O'Briain's hosting and we're Team Captains! It's VERY EXCITING!

There's some more info about the show on Chortle.

Hopefully see some of you there,

Steve and Sam xx

Thursday 11th February 2016



Hi guys, as we posted AGES AGO, we've been focusing on Go 8-Bit for the last eighteen months. We hope to have some more news for you on that very soon but, if you're wondering what else we've been up to in the meantime, here's a quick update:

Steve's been busy carving a niche as a videogaming comedian/journalist (as if THAT'S a thing) - you might have seen him on various shows on Ginx TV (including his own series about Minecraft and 13-hours of live coverage of E3 2015), Videogame Nation (Challenge TV), Sky News "Swipe", as well as writing pieces for Time Out, Shortlist and Vice. He got nominated for a Games Media Award, developed a new live show, WiFi Wars with Go 8-Bit chum, Rob Sedgebeer, and hosted stages at a bunch of video gaming events across the country.

Sam, on the other hand, still doesn't really understand why people play computer games, so he's been busy being funny in TV stuff - you might have seen him recently in (amongst other things):

- Russell Howard's Good News (BBC 1)
- Gert Lush Christmas (BBC 2)
- Josh (BBC 3)
- Luke Kempner's Impression (ITV 2)
- Blue Go Mad In Ibiza (ITV 2)

Busy bees! See you all soon,

Steve and Sam xx

Tuesday 30th December 2014



As you may have noticed, we don't get round to updating this site very often - our main focus at the moment is our live videogaming/comedy show "Go 8-Bit!" so, if you want to keep up to date with what we're up to, it's probably best to keep an eye on www.go8bit.com. Alternatively, you can follow us on twitter @mcneilpamphilon, or individually on @stevemcneil and @sampamphilon, plus there's our Facebook page, here, where we post events for all our shows. See you next year! Steve and Sam xx

Monday 29th September 2014



We are doing a very special performance of Go 8-Bit for Dave (the channel, not the bloke) and we would love a friendly crowd to come and help us show the TV people precisely why a series would be kick-ass! The show is at 7pm sharp on Tuesday 7th October at the gorgeous Tabernacle Theatre in Notting Hill Gate.


If you do book please actually come or there'll be horrible empty seats!

Thank you so much everyone for supporting us over the years.


Steve and Sam xx

Wednesday 20th August 2014


Sorry for being rubbish at updates...AGAIN!

Sorry - we're rubbish at updating this recently. Loads of exciting news though, mostly "Go 8-Bit!" related - just finished the last night in Edinburgh (sold out again - hooray!) and hosted Sketch Transfer Deadline Day, a wonderful sketch comedy show that raised over £2500 for Cancer Research UK! Had a lovely time doing our 'best of' sketch show in London, Brighton and Milton Keynes, thanks to everyone who came. We're now back in London, preparing for having OUR OWN STAGE AT EGX - THE LARGEST GAMING EXHIBITION IN THE UK, AT EARL'S COURT!!! Over 70,000 people will be coming through the doors over the four days - hopefully see some of you guys there!

Friday 16th May 2014


Sorry for being rubbish at updates...

We're rushed off our sweaty feet at the moment! Lots of exciting developments with go8bit (more news soon, we hope...) and we had a lovely time doing that and our 'best of' at the BRILLIANT Machynlleth Comedy Festival. Also, thanks to the lovely Zeitgeist TV company, we filmed a sketch show TV taster (like a tiny pilot episode) last night, and it was lovely! Thanks to all who came along to support it.

We've updated our gigs page now, so if you want to see go8bit, or our sketch stuff, we're popping up all over the country in the coming months. Hopefully see you all soon!

Sun 30th March 2014


Go 8-Bit On The Telly!

It's been a busy week for Go 8 Bit! We were on Challenge TV today, on their new show "Video Game Nation"! If you missed it, don't worry, here's our bits...

Thu 27th March 2014


Go 8-Bit Video!

For those who haven't made it along to the show yet, here's a nice little video we've put together to show you what we get up to. If you like what you see, please do share it with anyone else who might fancy it, then pop along to www.go8bit.com and grab some tickets! Let's do a gaming!

Tue 11th March 2014


Go 8-Bit Update!

Well, things have been going great with Go 8-Bit! March's show is in Time Out Comedy's Pick of the Month, it's set to be our 12th sell-out show in a row, it's been Time Out Critic's Choice for the last seven months, and it's in their Top Ten Hottest Things To Do this week too! We'll be bringing the show to Machynnleth Comedy Festival in May, and to Latitude Festival in July, then back up to Edinburgh for a bigger, better, drunker show than ever before! In the meantime, it'll continue it's residency in London every month, so pop over to www.go8bit.com to grab a ticket! Hopefully see some of you there,

Steve and Sam xx

P.S: We made up a little quiz for Time Out too - you can play it by clicking here.

Thursday 2nd January 2014


We're going on tour!

We are delighted to announce that we're going to be touring around a bunch of the comedy festivals, and various other places where we fancy a day out, in 2014. The first date's tickets are now on sale - it's February 12th at Leicester Comedy Festival. Click here to see more info/buy tickets. Hopefully see some of you there, and please tell anyone who lives up that way who you think might like it! It's going to be the best stuff from our 3 Edinburgh shows, plus some awesome new stuff that we definitely will have written and learnt by then...

Wednesday 25th December 2013


Xmas Pressie!

Merry Christmas! As a thank you to you all for your support and general nice-ness this year, here's a little pressie from us - it's the un-broadcast material from this year's performance on BBC Radio 4's Sketchorama - we hope you enjoy it (click here to play)! See you in the new year,

Steve and Sam xx

Friday 1st November 2013


We forgot to update the website! Here's a catch-up...

We had a great time in Edinburgh! We performed at Chortle's Fast Fringe, The Pleasance's Joy Of Sketch and beat the Dungeon in Knightmare Live! Go 8-Bit was a great success too, with a total sell-out run, including an extra show added! Guests included Josh Widdicombe, Tony Law, Nick Helm, James Acaster, Late Night Gimp Fight, Cariad Lloyd, Daniel Rigby and many more, and the show is now in development for TV. Also, we'll be running the show every month in London as a residency, which has been picked as Time Out Critic's Choice 3 months in a row already! Eek!

Sunday 4th August 2013


8-Bit Mini-site, and Guest Acts announced!

We've finally got the '8-bit' site live - check it out at www.go8bit.com to see the AMAZING guest acts we're lucky enough to be getting along!

Tuesday 30th July 2013



Hello lovely people! If you haven't already, please click here to buy tickets for McNeil and Pamphilon Go 8-Bit! at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It's only on for four nights and it's already selling well so don't hang about! Line-ups will be announced very soon, so keep checking back here for full details of all the incredible people that are getting involved!.

While we've got you, grab a ticket for our secret, one-night only, 'best-of' show on the 18th too by clicking here.

We'll be doing a bunch of gigs up there too, so keep an eye on the gigs page for additional performances as we announce them. Plus, McNeil's up there for the month doing various other things (see the gigs page for those too).

Hopefully see you there!

Steve and Sam xx

Wednesday 12th June 2013


We're on the radio tonight!

Tonight's the night! We'll be on Sketchorama, on BBC Radio 4, at 6.30pm. If you'd like to hear us messing about, please tune in! (click here for link)

Saturday 25th May 2013


McNeil and Pamphilon's Sketch Night in The Guardian!

Nice little write up in today's Guardian Guide for our show on Thursday, although Steve does wonder if they might have been able to find ONE nice adjective for him...

"It's hard to make a living as a stand-up double-act. For all the great comic chemistry that can result from two perfectly matched performers, the simple economics of splitting a fee between two has spelt the death knell for loads of promising duos, from Lee & Herring downwards. So the best of luck to newcomers McNeil & Pamphilon, whose smart and delightfully stupid sketch comedy has made them a hot property on the circuit. Like many great double acts, they're a study in opposites: Steve McNeil is square, gawky and impossibly uncool, while Sam Pamphilon's an exotically named, floppy-haired potential sex symbol. Their material uses clever spins on all kinds of contemporary laddish concerns, from sexual deviancy to social awkwardness, and delivers hearty (sometimes filthy) laughs in a similar vein to kindred spirits Late Night Gimp Fight."

If you'd like to come along and see Sam's good looks, and Steve still crying about that, click here for tickets.

Saturday 11th May 2013


2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show Announced!

We are VERY EXCITED to announce that tickets are now on sale for our 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival show - McNeil and Pamphilon Go 8-bit! Click here to find out more and buy tickets - but be quick, it's a limited run - just 4 nights! Eek!

Saturday 4th May 2013


BBC Radio 4's Sketchorama!

We've had dates confirmed for the broadcast of our set on Sketchorama. It'll be previewing on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Monday 13th May @ 0900 & 2230, and then on BBC Radio 4 for the 'official' broadcast on Wednesday 12th June @ 1830. Please tune in! We're not sure which bits of our set will be in the show, but we'll leave this picture here just incase as it MIGHT be relevant...

Thursday 18th April 2013



Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been busy little bees! We're still working away on this sitcom script for the BBC, and have just recorded a set for BBC Radio 4's Sketchorama (we'll let you know when it's going to be on soon). In other news, we'll be at the Latitude Festival this July, Steve did a voiceover for Heineken and James Bond (link), we both turned up on BBC 1's Richard Hammond's Secret Service (click here for Steve's prank), Sam's in a Bwark/Dominoes Pizza thing called The Support Group (link), we've been writing for a couple of other shows, and will be heading up to Edinburgh with a couple of exciting things too (details to follow). Eek!

If you want to come and see us live, we're re-launching our Sketch Night at the beautiful St James Theatre on 30th May (click here for details/tickets) - we've got Clever Peter (stars of their own Radio 4 show), Late Night Gimp Fight (Chortle and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees) and Jigsaw (stars of BBC 3's Live at the Electric). Please come - it's going to be awesome! And we haven't seen you in ages...

Thursday 17th January 2013



On Thursday 31st January, we'll be MC-ing a charity benefit for Kidney Research UK at the Pleasance, Islington. The line up is Cariad Lloyd, Clever Peter, The Beta Males, Idiots of Ants, Abandoman and The Boy With Tape On His Face. That's an INCREDIBLE line up and a great cause so, unless you're a massive idiot, you'll want tickets - pop over to the Pleasance website and buy some before they run out!

Tuesday 13th November 2012


EdFringe show in London - LAST TIME EVER!

For one night only, and for the last time ever(!), we'll be performing our EdFringe show in London, at The Pleasance, Islington, on Wednesday 5th December (8pm). If you'd like to come along, click here. Hopefully see you there! (Yes, we've copied the previous news item's text - we're SO lazy...)

Friday 19th October 2012


EdFringe show in London

For one night only, we'll be performing our EdFringe show in London, at Riverside Studios on Thursday 8th November (8pm). If you'd like to come along, click here. Hopefully see you there!

Friday 31st August 2012


Thank you, Edinburgh!

We've had an amazing month! Biggest crowds we've ever had, nicest set of reviews we've ever had, and we got to be involved in lots of lovely extra things (The Joy of Sketch, The Beta Males' Midnight Movie Theatre, Chortle's Fast Fringe, Itch: A Scratch Event, E4's chart-topping Podcast and many others). We've now updated the website properly, so you can hear/see some of the interviews/press we did on our 'audio' and 'links' pages, and see review highlights on the reviews page. Thanks to everyone who came along this year - see you all again soon! Steve and Sam xx

Monday 20th August 2012


More nice and fun things

Sorry for the delay in updating - busy busy busy! We had another nice review from Spoonfed - click here. Also, we've been on a couple of podcasts which you can hear here: (the stage) (e4 pod calf). And there's a nice article with a lovely picture by Idil Sukan in the Pleasance Times - click here - issue 4

Tuesday 14th August 2012


Lovely mention in The Guardian

Paul MacInnes (Edinburgh Comedy Awards judge and editor of the Guardian Guide) gave us a nice mention on his blog the other day:

"In their third year at the fringe, the pair have in the past proven themselves proficient in trad sketch comedy. This year is billed as more of the same - but actually contains only about half a dozen sketches. The rest is the pair, apparently "out" of character, seeing their whole working relationship fall apart, via the application of two Poundland colanders. It's hilarious and a little mind-bendy, because really these exchanges are in themselves a set of sketches masquerading as a gap between sketches. It's one of my favourite shows so far. Perhaps the sketch show isn't dead. It's just resting."

For the full article, click here.

Monday 13th August 2012


A couple of interviews

A couple of interviews we've done recently are available online now. You can read our STV one by clicking here, or listen to our Fresh Air Radio one by clicking here.

Thursday 9th 2012


Silent Sketch Show Video

We're having a lovely time at the festival this year so, as a thankyou to everyone who's been along, we've uploaded a Silent Sketch Show TV taster we filmed earlier this year - we hope you like it! (NOTE: For anyone who hasn't seen our live show yet, we talk in that - fair warning...)

August 8th 2012


First Reviews: 4 Stars from Chortle and ThreeWeeks!

We've been lucky enough to get a couple of nice reviews. The Chortle one's up on their website, but the ThreeWeeks one is only in the weekly printed edition at the moment, so we thought we'd share it here...

"From cleverly crafted sketches that hark back to the glory days of the Two Ronnies or Morecambe and Wise, to the environmentally themed audience sing-a-long at its climax, this show manages to pack in everything one could possibly wish for from a Fringe act.

A delightful mish-mash of stand-up, slick sketches and silly songs, McNeil and Pamphilon's set is guaranteed to induce big belly laughs. Of course, every great comic double-act is nothing without great chemistry, which is something this pair has in abundance. It is a joy to watch the hilarious consequences as they play off each other's opposing personas; this duo have proved that they most definitely do have funny bones."

August 1st 2012


Edinburgh Fringe Show!

It begins! We'll be doing our Edinburgh show every day (except the 14th) from 1st - 27th August, at the Baby Grand, in the Pleasance Courtyard. We would LOVE to see you there. If you'd like to come, you can book tickets by clicking here.

July 14th 2012


Interview on BBC Radio Northampton

We were interviewed today on BBC Radio Northampton by the lovely Pete Cooper, in advance of tomorrow's EdFringe preview in Milton Keynes. If you'd like to hear the interview, you can do so by clicking here.

July 2nd 2012


For The Win!

We wrote a sketch about a banker for a BBC sketch show pilot, 'For The Win'. It's on iPlayer at the moment if you fancy taking a peek (21 minutes in). Click here to watch!

***UPDATE 13/07/12*** The sketch is now available on YouTube: click here

June 1st 2012


An interview what we did...

A little while ago, we were interviewed for a writers' magazine, 'What the Dickens?' - if you'd like to have a look, for FREE(!), you can do so by clicking here. Our bit starts in the bottom right, and then carries on over the page. You know, like in a magazine made of paper. You remember those, right?

May 28th 2012


First Edinburgh Preview - Tickets on Sale!

If you'd like to see us struggle our way through the first incarnation of our new 2012 show, we'll be performing along with Thomas Nelstrop at Riverside Studios on the 7th June. Click here to buy tickets, look at maps, and all that other stuff.

May 25th 2012


McNeil and Pamphilon Sell Out!

Rather than wait until we're famous to sell out (which is so last year) we've decided to get it out of the way nice and early. We're going to be filming a bunch more stuff for the lovely people at Fit4Less - if you want to see the things we shot last year, you can do so by clicking here.

May 14th 2012


New website!

Wow! Hello! We hope you like our new website and that it fills your life with joy. Click on the links at the top of the page to see all the stuff what is on this thing. We shall endeavour to update this somewhat more frequently than the old one...