Both myself, and my shows 'Go 8 Bit' and 'WiFi Wars', have begun taking corporate and industry event bookings. For more information/availability etc, please email my agent, Nick Ranceford-Hadley

Notable appearances to date include:

Radius Festival @ Loading Bar (July 2014)

Live web stream from the Go 8-Bit team for this London video gaming bar's "Radius Festival" celebrations.

EGX 2014: Go 8-Bit Stage (September 2014)

Go 8-Bit had its own stage created for the event by Eurogamer, and delivered 36 hours of bespoke content to the 80,000+ attendees present over the 4 days. Content was a mixture of things such as developer talks/Q&As, gameplay demonstrations, audience competitions, and the 'Go 8-Bit' show itself.

GamerDisco X Play Margate Nights (August 2015)

Co-hosting of the GamerDisco stage for two evenings at Play Margate's "nights" event. Similar content to EGX 2015, above, but engaging me solely as host (no use of WiFi Wars technology).

EGX 2015: Community Party (September 2015)

This year, I hosted EGX's evening event on the Friday and Saturday evenings alongside GamerDisco's 'Nicky Biscuit', entertaining 500 attendees each night. A blend of chip tune DJs, audience competitions, and some exciting experimental uses of our 'WiFi Wars' show technology to complement the event. (video)

Play Expo 2015, Manchester (October 2015)

Co-hosting of the GamerDisco stage for two entire days. Similar content to EGX 2014, above, but engaging me solely as host (no inclusion of Go 8 Bit show).

Centre for Computing History, Cambridge (October 2015)

Host and interviewer for a series of talks/Q&As, including game historian and writer, Chris Wilkins, games developer Archer MacLean, and "Dizzy" creators The Oliver Twins.

Royal Institution 'Lates' events (April and November 2015)

Hosting of live interactive gaming, using a custom version of the classic, "Bomberman", created exclusively for their "Gunpowder, Treason and Plot" event, utilising the smartphone mass-multiplayer tech from our show, "WiFi Wars". Also, hosting of interactive demonstrations of the Oculus Rift for their "Questioning Reality" event.

Manchester University (December 2015)

Prof. Danielle George, presenter of the Royal Institution's 2014 Christmas Lectures, asked us to attend Manchester University's 2015 Christmas Lectures, to recreate the Oculus Rift demonstration from the previous year's TV broadcast.

Play Expo 2016, Manchester (October 2016)

Co-hosting of the WiFi Wars Main Stage (w/ GamerDisco) for two entire days. Similar content to EGX 2014, Play Expo 2015, but with me hosting AND multiple performances of WiFi Wars show.

MCM Comic Con, London (October 2016)

Guest speaker for "Let's Go 8 Bit" panel talk on the Silver Stage, as well as various press interviews and performances on Machinima SBOC's stage.

Go 8 Bit does Comic Relief (March 2017)

Co-hosted a 12-hour stream on twitch to raise money for Comic Relief. You can still view the whole thing by clicking here.

Ultimo Hombre (October 2017)

Live hosting of a new gaming event, placing multiplayer gaming tournaments in nightclubs during Sunday daytime and evening.

Gfinity Game On (November 2017)

Was a guest on this Facebook live show - you can watch the whole thing by clicking here.

Warchild Armistice (December 2017)

Charity stream with Dara and Ellie from Go 8 Bit. Watch here.

BAFTA Games Christmas Quiz (December 2017)

Team Captain at this live event at BAFTA's Princess Anne Theatre, with Ellie and Sam from Go 8 Bit.

Let's Talk About Tech/Game On (BBC Radio 5), Xmas Review (December 2017, January 2018)

Reflection on gaming in 2017. Listen/download part 1 here. Listen/download part 2 here.

Corporate events 

I've presented at private events for companies including Google and Sony. For more information and photos, click here.