I've been lucky enough to be commissioned to write for a number of different publications, sites and broadcasters...

Shortlist Magazine:

  • You can view a scan of my feature, "The Power Of The Arcade", by clicking here

Vice Gaming:

  • You can view my feature, "The Reality of Playing Twitter Like A Videogame", by clicking here

Time Out:

  • You can view a scan of my feature, "Which Video Game Character Are You?", by clicking here, or as an online article by clicking here.

Den of Geek:

  • You can view my feature, "Top 10 PlayStation VR experiences that won’t make you ill" by clicking here.
  • You can view my feature, "Missed out on the NES Mini? How to do retro right" by clicking here.
  • You can view my feature, "Nintendo Switch launch titles: A brief guide to everything that’s not Zelda" by clicking here.

London Economic:

  • I wrote 32 weekly pieces for this website in 2015/16 - you can see them all by clicking here.

Ginx TV:

Having written for the hosts of Videogame Nation, I was subsequently asked to regularly write, and record, reviews and features for Ginx TV. These were packaged into a number of their shows, according to theme and content. To date, I have guest hosted five of the channel's shows:

  • Under The Radar (15 episodes)
  • The Quest (4 episodes)
  • Games Evolved (4 episodes)
  • Players' Lounge (3 episodes)
  • Gamesport (1 episode)

I wrote over 150 pieces (reviews, top 10s, gameplay guides etc). Some of this content is publicly available and can be viewed here: